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New Tunes..

New Terrorbeat track posted over at Soundcloud. Another entry for the mighty Embers Jungle books.. 163.75 lifestyle in full effect.

Going Live…

Welcome to, home of Terrorbeat Recordings, Terrorbeat, Monotremata, Descent, etc.. Bear with me while I slowly put things together here. Apparently web design has changed quite a bit since Descent Records was alive so now Im learning how to work with WordPress since CSS and HTML just left me completely in the dust.

In a nutshell, Descent Records domain expired a few years back, I lagged on renewing it, some Russian name server scooped it up and wants a laughable sum of money for a worthless nobody record label name. Terrorbeat was a project I started last summer as kind of the ‘evolution’ of Stem Cell Virus and its electronic trip hop dub thing. Lately its turned into my jungle/drum and bass outlet. I decided to roll Descent Records and the name into one and Terrorbeat Recordings was born.

Here you’ll find the news about new releases, upcoming shows (if any), side-projects, etc.. Once I figure out media players, we’ll have some remixes, one off tracks, jams, etc.. Seems alot easier in WordPress than it was in the Dreamweaver days. The Descent Records Bandcamp site will remain my ‘retail outlet’ for now until I can somehow painlessly move everything over to the Terrorbeat Recordings one. Alot of the old stuff was removed from it last year so I can compile it together and update some things.. Stay tuned for all of it….